University Study Find Pomella Pomegranate Extract May Reverse Skin Aging.

A new study indicates a pomegranate extract standardized to punicalagins (Pomella Extract) may help promote healthy, young-looking skin in several ways. The study, performed at Texas A&M University and published online in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in August, 2008, explored the protective effects of the clinically researched pomegranate extract against ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB) in Sku-1064 human skin fibroblast cells.

In this study, the extract reversed UV- induced up-regulation of colagenases, specifically matrix metalloproteinase’s MMP1 and MMP13. During the natural course of aging, collagenases break down collagen, the structural fiber in skin which keeps skin looking firm and young.

Also revealed in this study, the pomegranate extract increased UV-inhibited SIRT1 at concentrations of as little as 2-ppm. SIRT1 is a major target for longevity research, and its up regulation is associated with the potential for life extension in in vivo models. The extract also showed positive effects promoting healthy DNA repair, intracellular antioxidant capacity (measured by ORAC), and healthy NF-K8 regulation already within the normal range.


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